Sunday, January 01, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!! Hope all of you are having a safe and fun holiday. I’ve posted a list below of key dates and events that should be of interest this year...that is, if you’re a sports fan or a movie buff. Or a space geek for that matter, haha. I’d add more dates in, but who really cares about when the second round of the Finnish presidential election is gonna be (January 29)? Or what day the planet Mercury will be in transit in front of the Sun (November 8)? I certainly don’t, hahaha. Anyways, carry on...

USC vs. Texas in the Rose Bowl.

January 2006
-Rose Bowl: USC vs. Texas (Jan 4)
-Season 5 premiere of 24 (Jan 15, 16)
-63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards (Jan 16)
-Launch of NASA's Pluto-bound New Horizons spacecraft (Jan 17)
-Season 5 premiere of American Idol (Jan 17, 18)

The New Horizons spacecraft.

February 2006
-Super Bowl XL (Feb 5)
-Grammy Awards (Feb 8)
-Opening Ceremony – XX Olympic Winter Games of Torino (Feb 10)
-NBA All-Star Game (Feb 19)
-Closing Ceremony – Olympic Winter Games (Feb 26)

The XX Olympic Winter Games of Torino.

March 2006
-78th Academy Awards (Mar 5)
-V For Vendetta (Mar 17)
-FOX show Prison Break returns after a 4-month hiatus (Mar 20)

The 2006 NFL Draft.

April 2006
-Daytime Emmy Awards (Apr 28)
-NFL Draft (Apr 29, 30)

The Da Vinci Code poster.

May 2006
-NASA's Return to Flight mission #2 (STS-121)... Space Shuttle Discovery (May 3 - tentative)
-Mission: Impossible 3 (May 5)
-The Da Vinci Code (May 19)
-X-Men 3 (May 26)

Space Shuttle Discovery lifting off.

June 2006
-Start of World Cup 2006 (June 9)
-Superman Returns (June 30)
-Sin City 2 (TBA)

Superman Returns poster.

July 2006
-NBA free agency begins: Peja Stojakovic, Ben Wallace, Jason Terry, Alonzo Mourning and Bonzi Wells are among the available players
-Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (July 7)
-End of World Cup 2006 (July 9)
-Miami Vice (Jul 28)

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 poster.

August 2006
-World Trade Center (Aug 11)
-PGA Championship (Aug 14-20)
-The 26th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Prague, Czech Republic (Aug 14-15... This could be big. Pluto could be downgraded from a planet to a ‘Kuiper Belt Object’ after the conference. Don’t ask, haha)

Hubble Space Telescope image of Pluto.

September 2006
Sweden holds elections for the Riksdag (Sep 17... Hey, I had to add something for this month)

October 2006
-General elections in Brazil (Oct 2... Ditto with September)

Daniel Craig as the next Bond.

November 2006
-U.S. Mid-term Elections (Nov 7)
-Casino Royale – James Bond 21 (Nov 17)

The Muslim feast of Eid ul-Adha.

December 2006
-Muslim feast of Eid ul-Adha (Dec 31... I had to add something for this month as well, hahaha)

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