Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone!!! Or should I say-- Happy Falsify-A-Peace-Treaty-Then-Slaughter-Your-Dinner-Guests-And-Steal-Their-Land-And-Eat-Until-Your-Sick Day!!! Just kidding... I found that on a message board. Anyways, hope all of you have a tasty meal today...consisting of a huge dead bird on your plate, lots of nasty-ass cranberry sauce, and delicious gravy on mash potatoes. Me? Well, the repairman came by today (what a nice feller) to fix my family's oven since it was broken. So we're actually gonna get to bake our own large dead bird today, woohoo!! No Hot Pockets for lunch then!!

Oh, and shrimp cocktails for all!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

EDIT: Nevermind, then!!! Like something out of The Simpsons, the repairman tried to rip off my dad by charging $175 for a measly item that needs to be replaced on the oven (even though during the last time he stopped by--in April--he said that that repair was going to be good for 2 years), so the repair was called off and our oven is still broken!! So I think we're just eating at an expensive restaurant now. At least, we still don't have to eat Hot Pockets.

EDIT #2: For Thanksgiving lunch, my family ate at--of all places--a Chinese restaurant. So don't ask if I had mash potatoes and gravy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Piston/Pacers brawl

Following the riot that took place during the Indiana Pacers/Detroit Pistons game last Friday, NBA Commissioner David Stern suspended the Pacers' Ron Artest for 73 games after starting the fight. So basically, Artest is out for the rest of the season. Which supports my view: Any job that involves dealing with customers--whether they're moviegoers, sports fans, tourists, tourists going to Disneyland, people who call computer tech support saying they accidentally stuck a floppy disk into their CD-ROM drive, fatasses buying a cheeseburger at McDonald--is bound to lead to trouble. Customers blow. People blow. The customer is always right MY ASS!! I'm glad Artest started that brouhaha. Letting a bunch of friggin' nobodies who don't even earn a fraction of what Artest is getting paid by Indiana mess with him... PROPS TO YOU, ARTEST!! That is all.

A Piston fan getting owned by Ron Artest of the Pacers

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Yesterday, I went to the Glamourcon expo at the Radisson Hotel near Los Angeles International Airport... Lots of hot models there!! I took a picture with Christine Mendoza (for the THIRD time, haha), Sunny Leone and Luana Lani. It was cool... Too bad the one model who I went there for didn’t show up. Thanks Cora. This is the third time you said in your Yahoo! Club that you were gonna attend a show, only to be a no-show. First time was Hot Import Nights last March, and the second time being the SEMA International Auto Salon at the L.A. Convention Center the following month. Should I even TRY a fourth time to meet this girl? Even though she has one of the nicest booties I’ve ever seen on an Asian girl (just go to the Portfolio section of her website to see for yourself)?

Christine Mendoza, Sunny Leone and Luana Lani

Anyways... Hugh Heffner and some of his Playboy Playmates were also at the expo. Heffner was doing an autograph signing in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Playboy. GOOD GRIEF— There was a large-ass crowd following Heffner wherever he went! And this crowd consisted mostly of dudes!! Heck, more pictures were taken of Heffner by these dudes than all the models who were in attendance at this expo combined (okay, I'm exaggerating. A bit.)! I guess Heffner was THAT appreciated for creating the very first girlie nudie publication. Talk about being The Pimp of All Pimps.

Hugh Heffner and his Playboy Playmates

EDIT: Click on those links I provided above at your OWN risk. Grin for the camera!

EDIT #2: Click here for more pics from Glamourcon.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Nothing new to add... I just wanted to point out how friggin' hot Gwen Stefani is:

Gwen Stefani

Monday, November 08, 2004

Revenge of the Sith Teaser Trailer: Highlights from the preview... Oh, and by the way-- I watched The Incredibles over the weekend. Good film... Pixar has done it again! Though I don't know about The Cars, though. Might be the weakest of the movies done by the animation company, from what I've seen in the trailer that was shown at the theater. Speaking of which, the ROTS trailer looks awesome on the big screen! The computer monitor doesn't do it justice.

Anakin with Sith eyes

The Clonefighter and the Jedi Starfighter during the Coruscant space battle

Darth Vader... Finally.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

STUPIDASS BUSH. Back in Office... I could start a 6-paragraph entry on this debacle, but I won't. I will, in hindsight, say that Kerry screwed himself over the minute he began denouncing the war in Iraq during his campaign...when he was one of the boneheads who approved the use of force in said country more than a year ago. I voted for you, Kerry...even though you messed up. And as for Bush, you'd be surprised at how hostile I sounded in the posts I made against that Texan in online message boards. That is all. "Four more years," indeed. CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ****** REPUBLICANS!