Monday, November 28, 2005

Group photo of the 'Prison Break' main actors.

PRISON BREAK... Damn that custodian!! In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, tonight’s Fall finale episode of the FOX show ended with Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) not being able to climb up into the infirmary—where his brother and death row inmate Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) was waiting—during the escape attempt because the vent Scofield was going to climb through was blocked off by a newly-installed drainage pipe. So the episode ended with Scofield essentially feeling screwed over and that character “T-Bag” (played by Robert Knepper) threatening to shank Scofield with a knife if he doesn’t find another way to enter the infirmary, which is the main way of sneaking out of the prison. Damn the suspense! Prison Break won’t return till March of next year, since the fifth season of 24 is scheduled to debut this January. Bah— Can’t wait!

What I like about Prison Break (and 24, but that’s not what this entry is about, haha) is that it has all the workings of a great drama, which is why it’s been getting terrific ratings. At each turn, something happens to make the escape plan difficult if not impossible to execute (I know, I know... I'm stating the obvious). Just when it seems like Scofield is finally gonna free his brother, BAM, a measly janitor screws him over by sealing off that vent. And right when it seems like Burrows might actually be exonerated after that Secret Service agent was gonna leak to Burrow’s attorney the names of those who were behind the conspiracy to have Burrows executed, another BAM (this one quite literally); that Secret Service agent gets shot by his own partner after he shows up to thwart the meeting. Now that’s great writing, haha. And you know that whole Vice President supblot, as well as the story behind that Mafia group Scofield had arrested in Canada, has the potential to be expanded upon in a second season (and don't forget the stories behind those four convicts who were escaping with Scofield). I wonder how many Emmies this show is gonna be nominated for? Too early to say, but whatever. (Oh, and the Golden Globes are coming up next month!) Like I said, can’t friggin’ wait for this show to return! At least the new season of House is still going...

But I’m still disappointed that Arrested Development got cancelled.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Toys ‘R’ Us Ghost of Johnny Johnson in Sunnyvale, California.

Err- Do you believe in ghosts? Ever since I posted up that entry about supernatural occurrences taking place after last year’s Asian tsunami disaster, I’ve been visiting ghost websites to read more about this stuff. I’m not saying that I believe everything I read on these pages, but the stories some of these people have are pretty interesting. How many of these stories are true…I don’t know. But if you want to judge for yourself, visit them! One notable site is Ghoststudy.Com , which has photos and stories submitted by people who claim to have experienced paranormal sightings (Sigh, I miss The X-Files. Haha). Another page is TheShadowlands.Net, which has a list of various haunted sites across the country. Living in California (SoCal, to be exact), I posted up a list of all the haunted sites close to where I live or that I traveled to in the past. If you live in any of these cities, this list should be of interest to you. Though I, personally, didn’t encounter any strange occurrence at the places that I did go to listed below [such as the AMC 20 theater in Puente Hills Mall or Diamond Bar High School (though I only visited this high school once)]. Anyways, enjoy!

“Some” Haunted Sites In Southern California:
Anaheim – House of Blues
Buena Park – Knott’s Berry Farm
Chino – Chino Hills
City of Industry – Puente Hills Mall, AMC 20 theater
City of Industry - The Sheraton Hotel (now known as the Pacific Palms Hotel)
Covina – "Zelda’s Legend" about an underground tunnel
Diamond Bar - Brea Canyon Road
Diamond Bar – Diamond Bar High School
Disneyland – The Christmas Shop
Disneyland – The Disney Gallery
Disneyland – Fire Station
Disneyland – Haunted Mansion
Disneyland – It’s a Small World
Disneyland – Matterhorn Mountain
Disneyland – Pirates of the Caribbean
Disneyland – Space Mountain
Disneyland – The Star Trader (4th floor stock room)
Disneyland – the old “People Mover Ride”
Disneyland – Tom Sawyer’s Island
Disneyland – Tomorrow Land
Fullerton – Cal State Fullerton dorm
Hollywood - El Capitan Theater
Hollywood – Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Hollywood – Mann’s Chinese Theatre
Hollywood – Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory
Hollywood - Roosevelt Hotel
Hollywood – Universal Studios
Huntington Beach – Bolsa Chica Wetlands
Irvine – University of California Irvine – Campus Dr.
La Puente – Hurley Elementary School – Tetherball courts
La Puente – Nogales burgers
La Puente – Nogales High School
Long Beach – The Queen Mary
Los Angeles - Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles - The Coliseum
Los Angeles – Loyola Marymount University
Pasadena – abandoned asylum
Pasadena – Angeles Crest – Old Hotel
Pasadena – the bridge of Fair Oaks exit
Pasadena – The Castle Green
Pasadena – Green Street Hotel
Pasadena – Haunted forest
Pasadena – The Haunted mansion
Pasadena – Rose Bowl parking lot
Pasadena – The Colorado St. and Scoville Bridges
Pasadena – The historic State Landmark Theater
Pasadena – The Pasadena Playhouse
Pasadena – The Ritz Carlton (this is where I had my high school senior prom in ‘98)
Pomona – Lanterman Developmental Center
Rowland Heights - Rowland High School
San Diego – Coronado Island - Hotel del Coronado
Walnut – Haunted Church (once abandoned) off Nogales and Amar Road
Walnut - Lemon Avenue
Walnut - St. Mary's Catholic School
West Covina – Galster Park
West Covina – South Hill Elementary
Whittier - Turnbull Canyon Road

List courtesy of TheShadowlands.Net

The (supposedly) haunted church in Walnut, CA.

The (supposedly) haunted church in Walnut, CA

The infamous Turnbull Canyon Road in Whittier, CA.

The infamous Turnbull Canyon Road in Whittier, CA

Diamond Bar High School, CA.

Diamond Bar High School, CA

The Pacific Palms Hotel in City of Industry, CA... This particular pic obviously doesn't help give the notion that this resort is haunted.  Though ironically, the part of this complex that is supposedly haunted happens to be the golf course in the foreground.

The Pacific Palms Hotel in City of Industry, CA... This particular pic obviously doesn't help give the notion that this resort is haunted. Though ironically, the part of this complex that is supposedly haunted happens to be the golf course in the foreground.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Pat Morita: 1932-2005... Rest in peace, Mr. Miyagi. Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax off...

Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi.

EDIT: FOX aired Star Wars: Attack of the Clones tonight... If there's one good thing about showing this movie (or any other film) on TV, it's that most of the bad and/or unnecessary parts are edited out to compress the running time. In Clones' case: much of the romance scenes. And if there's one good thing about the Pan and Scan format, the actors' faces are magnified to fit the TV screen. Let's hear it for Natalie Portman's close-ups! She is such a babe. I still say she's the weakest link overall in the Star Wars prequels, but she's a babe.

Natalie Portman in a deleted scene from Attack of the Clones.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone!!! Or should I say— Happy Falsify-A-Peace-Treaty-Then-Slaughter-Your-Dinner-Guests-And-Steal-Their-Land-And-Eat-Until-Your-Sick Day!!! Just kidding... I found that on a message board. Anyways, hope all of you have a tasty meal today...consisting of a huge dead bird on your plate, lots of nasty-ass cranberry sauce, and delicious gravy on mash potatoes. And yes, I did copy this word-for-word from my Thanksgiving entry last year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Reggie Bush rules.

USC: 50, FRESNO STATE: 42... I didn't watch the epic game against Notre Dame last month, since I was at work, but man, was this one a good game. I'm telling ya, if Reggie Bush—who had a record 513 all-purpose yards against the Bulldogs tonight—doesn't win the Heisman Trophy, then the voters who prevented him from doing so will rank right up there with the whole BCS system in terms of utter and complete lameness. 33 victories in a row... As if December 3 can't come soon enough!! Bring on the Bruins.

On a different note, I watched Hairy Pothead and the Goblet of Fire and Jarhead today. Pothead didn't get really interesting till that Dark Lord of the Sith, I mean, Lord Voldemort, was resurrected near the end of the movie...not to spoil anything for you. In all honesty, the movie lagged. And there were a couple of times where the dialogue was pretty unintelligible...either due to the characters speaking too fast, or those darn British accents (no offense). And why didn't John Williams conduct the music for this one? Whatever. Prisoner of Azkaban was, um, better.

I also saw Jarhead today...which was okay if you want a film that'll, unsurprisingly, inspire you to join the Marines (much as how Get Rich or Die Tryin', which I saw for free at Paramount Studios last week, shamelessly inspires you to move to the hood and become a gangsta'). Actually, I thought the film was good. Although, too much testosterone and the lack of female nudity obviously prevents me from wanting to watch this film again, haha. C'mon now, Sam Mendes should've taken more creative license... Have the Marines watch Debbie Does Dallas while they were waiting for Desert Storm to begin or somethin'. 'Nuff said.

Hairy Pothead and the Jarhead.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The cast of Arrested Development.

The Bluth more. I just found out today that Arrested Development is getting axed, right after all 13 episodes ordered by Fox for this season are aired (starting on December 5th...the week after Prison Break concludes with its season finale). No!! Development’s one of my favorite TV shows...along with Prison Break, House, Bones and a couple of other programs on Fox. Oh well. I guess the presence of the very lovely Charlize Theron as Rita, a.k.a. MRF (or Majorly Retarded Female—a reference made by one of the other characters on the show), didn’t help to bring the ratings up. Of course, Ms. (or Mrs.? I’m too lazy to do research right now) Theron could’ve only made an impact on Development if some of the other viewers were fans of North Country, The Italian Job, Monster or any other film that Ms./Mrs. Theron worked on (like the upcoming Aeon Flux). Well what can you do... As long as this season gets put on DVD like the previous two seasons did, I’m cool. Speaking of which, I still need to buy the DVD set for Season One of House. Click here for more info on Development’s demise. Later.

EDIT: Charlize Theron is still a Miss. In fact, according to the article I, um, Googled, she has no plans of becoming a Misses anytime soon. WHY I actually posted up a link to that website, I do not know. Oh wait, yes I do. It's below.

Miss Charlize Theron.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Darth Sidious...

Don't forget to pick up a copy of the Revenge of the Sith DVD today. Hey... If I can plug in an ad for the Batman Begins DVD in my Blogspot (see my 10/14/05 entry for details), I can certainly plug in an ad for Episode III here.