Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Those funny Iraqis!! Check out this article on, it's pretty hilarious! What's even funnier is that the Iraqi Minister would say something like that. Praise Jim Caple! What a crack up.

Here're some excerpts:

SAEED AL-SAHHAF: I swear to you by all that is holy that the moon will run crimson with the blood of the Boston infidels before this night is over! Already, the indomitable Yankees lead by seven runs, and the corrupt Red Sox are fleeing the stadium! They have forfeited the game and are returning to their homes to lick their wounds like the pathetic curs they are! Run like the wind, you stooges of western imperialism, and take your odor with you! You should never have stepped foot in our kingdom! Your arrogance has sealed your doom and condemned your children and your children's children to lives of slavery!

KAY: Well, we certainly hope that's the way it turns out tonight, Mohammad, but actually, we're still waiting for the managers to exchange lineup cards. ...


SAEED AL-SAHHAF: Bernie steps back into the box as all New York holds its breath ... the war criminal Martinez peers in for the sign ... he winds and delivers ... swung on and belted deep to left! It's going ... going ... and it's gone! ORDER THE SERVANTS TO ROAST THE FATTED CALF AND LAY OUT THE SATIN SHEETS, THE VESTAL VIRGINS HAVE ENTERED THE PALACE!!!! The Yankees lead is 12 runs and Martinez has collapsed on the mound! BOO-YAH!!!

KAY: Actually Mohammad, I think that was a called third strike on Giambi. And it leaves the score 14-2 in favor of Boston with the bases empty and the Yankees down to their final out. Mohammad, I guess it's just not the Yankees night.

SAEED AL-SAHHAF: We have the infidels just where we want them! Manager Joe Torre has cleverly led the scarlet-hosed stooges into a noose from which there is no escape! The Red Sox child general manager Epstein has dispatched his players on a suicide mission! We shall humble this New England gang of villains and leave their bones to dry in the desert sun as a warning to our enemies! Praise Steinbrenner!

KAY: Yes, well, I guess that's like Yogi said, It ain't over 'til it's over. Anyway, here's the pitch ... Matsui swings and pops it up ... Garciaparra is under it and ... he squeezes it for the final out. And that's the old ballgame.

SAEED AL-SAHHAF: The Yankees win! Thaaaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaa Yankees win!

Praise Parman!