Thursday, August 11, 2005

Can you fly, Bobby? Yes, that line was from Robocop. Anyways, I went to San Diego last Saturday in a second attempt to go skydiving, and needless to say, things worked out this time. And it kicked ass!! One second, you're on the plane hearing nothing but the roar of the engine... The next second, you hear and feel nothing but wind as you're freefalling towards the ground at 120 MPH (ya like how I wax poetic?). Simply awesome. The pictures below would be a lot better if I wasn't strapped to a jump instructor (cool dude, by the way), but whatever. If I go back to Skydive San Diego within the next 30 days, I can either go skydiving solo (with 5 hours of ground training before that) or try tandem jumping again...with the instructor teaching me new moves like how to turn during freefall, pull and steer the parachute, and learn how to land safely. All at a discounted price (it was $278 for the tandem jump and video footage of it, on DVD, and $149 for a second jump). But I think I'll pass... Doing something like skydive only once is still enough for a lifetime.

Skydiving photos montage.
Skydiving photos montage #2.