Saturday, February 26, 2005

I drove down to San Diego in an attempt to go skydiving today... Unfortunately, due to California's weather being a bitch for the past few weeks, the airplane had to turn back because the pilot and the two instructors onboard couldn't see the drop zone down below, due to the cloud cover. And all of us diving (there were four: me, this one Caucasian girl, and the two instructors who we were gonna be strapped to for the tandem diving) obviously had our chute harnesses attached already. Oh well. At least the plane trip above San Diego was nice, haha. Don't know when or if I'll attempt to go skydiving again. You can't help but think about your mortality while waiting to jump out of the plane if this is your first time. And if you've read the past few entries on this journal page, you'd know that there are a grip load of movies that I'm waiting to see this year (especially during the summer)! So if I'm crazy enough once more, summer would be the next time for me to do a crazy stunt like this again.

Below are a few pictures I took of the airfield and the two dudes who had the opportunity today to jump out of a Cessna propeller plane and dive towards the ground at 120 MPH.

Skydiving photos montage.
Skydiving photos montage #2.

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