Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Vince Young was on a mission.

TEXAS: 41, USC: 38... Ughhh... On the plus side, at least it was a close game. But how could've this happened? Well, overlooking the fact Reggie Bush turned the tide of the game by pitching that lateral in the second quarter, the refs making a bad call by allowing Texas' 9-7 score to stand when it shouldn't have (Vince Young's knee was down!), the Trojan defense breaking down with only 19 seconds left to allow Young to score the game-winning touchdown, and me not being able to watch the entire game on TV because I was attending the screening of a comedy sketch show's pilot episode in Hollywood (funny show, by the way... It's called The Loading Zone). Just being facetious with that last one. But do you think Reggie Bush will still be one of the top picks in this year's NFL Draft? Well, duhhh... Of course he will. Though it's ironic that 2005's Heisman Trophy winner was partly responsible for his team's loss by making a bad play that changed momentum early on in the game. Meh, can't win them all. One thing's for sure: Young no longer needs to feel bad about not being able to take the Heisman back to the Alamo. Bah!

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