Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Chillin' in Pasadena...

The Paseo Colorado in Pasadena, CA.

So earlier today, I worked with Nancy in downtown Pasadena. The last time I worked with her was two years ago this month...in Hollywood. Anyways, as we walked around old town Pasadena and Paseo Colorado (yes, the two are different) after our gig ended, I just remembered how crazy I am about her. Aw, heck— How in love I am with her. I mean, really in love with her. Unfortunately, we can't hook up...for reasons explained in the blog entry that I linked to in the opening sentence of this post. That is all.

No wait— One last thing: I really, really hope that something horrible happens to the two other Asian dudes who (also) flirted with her at work today. Really horrible things...like a pair of fatalities or something. 'Kay, I'm done.

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