Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In this computer-generated art concept, thousands of spectators show up at the Los Angeles football stadium to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday.

An NFL team in the City of Industry? SWEEET! If it happens, of course. Word’s been out since April 17 about a new proposal to bring professional football back to Los Angeles by 2011, and it wasn’t till two days after that that I heard details of the plan. A couple of friends told me that a billionaire, Edward P. Roski Jr., is offering to build a 75,000-seat stadium in the City of Industry, which is only a few miles from where I live! To be exact, it would only be a 7-mile drive, taking side streets from my house, heading to the proposed location for the new arena (as opposed to a 30-35 mile trip west to either STAPLES Center or Dodger Stadium; or 20-plus miles going south to Honda Center or Angel Stadium...the last two of which I haven’t been to yet. Despite the fact Orange County is a lot closer to me than L.A.). The exact site for the would-be arena is where the 57 and 60 freeways merge in the San Gabriel Valley...right between the cities of Walnut and Diamond Bar. The stadium would be built in the middle of hills that we locals affectionately call "The Boonies".

In this photograph that I took on 4/24/08, rush hour traffic begins to form on the 57 and 60 freeways.  Beyond them are the hills, nicknamed 'The Boonies', where the Los Angeles football stadium would be located if it was built.

My family attends Mass at a Catholic Church in Diamond Bar (even though we live in the city of... Wouldn’t YOU like to know?). Do you realize how bad traffic would be driving to Diamond Bar on a Sunday if a Super Bowl was held at the stadium, a very likely prospect if it is indeed built (the entrance to the complex would be accessible from Grand Avenue...the main road we take to church)? Oh well. Of course, that’s the least of our worries right now. First and foremost, which current National Football League team would want to relocate to the San Gabriel Valley? The New Orleans Saints? The San Diego Chargers? Or the Minnesota Vikings? Take your pick. And would the team change its name? Here’re a couple of suggestions if they do: The Los Angeles Hustlers. The Los Angeles Rush (as in rush hour. Haha). The Los Angeles Gangbangers (YEA RIGHT). Or...the Los Angeles Prima Donnas. If any of you out-of-state folks ever visit Los Angeles or Hollywood, you’ll know what I’m talking about with that last one. That is all.

In this computer-generated art concept, fireworks fill the sky above the Los Angeles football stadium as a Super Bowl game comes to an end.

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