Thursday, February 11, 2021

Perseverance Update: T-Minus ONE WEEK Till NASA's Next Robotic Rover and First Interplanetary Aircraft Touches Down on Mars!

A computer-generated screenshot showing the Perseverance rover being lowered from its rocket-powered descent stage onto the surface of Mars...which will actually take place on February 18, 2021.

As of today, only 7 days remain before NASA's Perseverance rover—with the Ingenuity helicopter riding shotgun on it—touches down on Mars! The Mars 2020 spacecraft will reach the Red Planet on Thursday, February 18...with landing set to take place around 12:55 PM, Pacific Standard Time (3:55 PM, Eastern Standard Time)! I. Can't. Wait. Click on this NASA page to see where Perseverance and Ingenuity are currently located in space!

A computer-generated screenshot showing the Mars 2020 spacecraft's current position from the Red Planet...on February 11, 2021.

An illustration of the Ingenuity helicopter soaring in the Martian air while the Perseverance rover observes from the surface.
NASA / JPL - Caltech

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