Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ON SUNDAY, I was finally able to upload a video I put together using footage I shot at Planetfest 2008, which was held at the Pasadena Hilton Hotel on May 25 to celebrate the Phoenix Lander arriving at Mars. TOUCHDOWN: PHOENIX Lands On Mars would’ve been uploaded about a week earlier, but I had to reformat my computer on Sunday after almost three years worth of installing new programs and saving useless files (RE: smut. Haha) caused me to run out of RAM (Random Access Memory, for those of you non-computer-savvy folks here)...and thus preventing me from saving the video on Windows Movie Maker, which I used to edit the project. The video is now on Youtube and MySpace, but only the Youtube version is embedded here. Enjoy! Hope you guys have a T1 line or at least high-speed Internet cable, ‘cause the clip is 9-minutes long.

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