Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Me posing in front of Times Square.

BACK FROM THE BIG APPLE! About three hours ago, three of my friends and I returned from a four-and-a-half day trip to the East Coast. It kicked ass! I pretty much saw everything there was to see in New York City: the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center site, the U.N. Headquarters building, Central Park, Wall Street, Trump Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge and other places. NYC is truly the greatest city on Earth. I didn't see Yankee Stadium up-close or Madison Square Garden at all, but that's okay. That only gave me additional reasons to wanna travel back to the real Gotham in the future, haha.

Riding the subway in NY.

The only hiccups on the trip had to do with our cameras. The memory stick on my digicam somehow got corrupted, and I lost photos that I took at the WTC site, Brooklyn Bridge and the Trump Tower. Fortunately, I received photo copies of those places from my friends. There was another gripe I had, stemming from our first day in NY: Having only one camera used during a particular event. What's the point of all of us bringing cameras on our trip (and me spending a gripload of money on two 1-gigabyte memory cards...which my friends knew about. They were also well aware that this was my first time in NY, so it should've been expected that I would be a bit eager to snap as many photos as I could with my own camera) if only one cam will be used at a given time? Yea, that didn't work for me. Other than that, the trip was awesome! By the way, how many of you have ever been to Connecticut? That state is nothing but one big friggin' forest! Compare the tree-filled landscape of Hartford to the urban environs of Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx... Quite a contrast. We also drove through Massachusetts, but only for a few minutes because East Coast highways are screwy like that.

IMAGE 1: Me and my friends posing in front of Times Square.  IMAGE 2: Me and my friends posing in front of the Brooklyn Bridge... Lousy rain.
IMAGE 3: The Empire State Building.  IMAGE 4: Me and my friends chillin' in Central Park.

UPDATE: To view additional pics that I took in New York and Connecticut, go here.

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