Saturday, January 28, 2006

The crew of mission STS-51L.

20 YEARS AGO TODAY... Last week, NASA enjoyed two successes with its unmanned space program when the Stardust capsule returned to Earth bearing dust samples from a comet, and a few days later, the New Horizons spacecraft was launched towards the outer edge of our solar system. Today and yesterday, however, marked the anniversaries of two of the lowest points in our nation's manned space program. Rest in peace to the Challenger well as the Columbia and Apollo 1 astronauts. This Wednesday marks the 3-year anniversary since the second space shuttle disaster took place. When the shuttle Discovery launches again, hopefully this May, let's hope that that mission officially resumes manned spaceflight for the U.S. We gotta head back to the Moon and then Mars sooner or later...

The crew of mission STS-107.

The crew of Apollo 1.

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