Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Apparently, I have to go to the main library at school on Tuesday nights to see Denise. I ran into her after the workshop today--and just looking at her makes me even more annoyed that she could be taken by someone. Oh well. She was with her brother, who is the only other guy (so far) I've seen her hang around with (obviously, it's her brother!)...besides me.

UPDATE: The beginning of a conversation I had today on AOL Instant Messenger:

CoRollaPnOy: Hi *******
Girl: I want to suck your c--k
Girl: oh my gosh
CoRollaPnOy: huh?
Girl: wrong im

The rest of the conversation wasn't as..."porn-y". But as one of my friends said: that's what I call "impeccable timing!" I wonder who she was cybering with?