Thursday, July 19, 2001

My prediction came true. Just 3 days after I called her up...Denise decided to end the e-mailing thing. I'm not surprised--although checking my Hotmail account will once again be a boring routine of my Web-surfing ways. If Denise decides to check my site one more time and read if I wrote one more thing about her--here's an advice: NEXT TIME mention your f-ckin' boyfriend out of the blue so you won't give another guy the f-ckin' impression that he could get with you. I'm also this close to saying something truly mean about her--but I won't.

UPDATE: Apparently, she doesn't go to my website that often. Today is Friday, July 20...and I actually got an e-mail by Denise. Of course, she failed to bring up that phone call on Monday in her e-mail--and pretended everything is fine and handy-dandy between us. Oh well. I'll just go along with the phoniness--since I'm the one here with something to lose since she's already been with her boyfriend (a.k.a. fill in __________ with a derogatory name) for almost a year already. Of course, if she says anything mean, I'll probably go all out and finally put an end to this so-called acquaintance /faux-friendship / whatever.

UPDATE #2: Did I mention that she probably lied to me about a friend being at her house when I called?

UPDATE #3: Come to think of it...I'm gonna feel really bad if Denise does read these entries and e-mails me that she never wants to talk to me again (and actually says a lot of mean things). I'm taking an awful risk, Vader. This had better work! Oops sorry, I was quoting Grand Moff Tarkin from the original Star Wars.

UPDATE #4 Did I also mention that Denise ain't her real name?

FINAL UPDATE NOW, the only reason why I'm saying a lot of angry things about her is cuz I really like(d) her...otherwise, I could care less about her dissing me by not returning my phone call.