Saturday, June 16, 2001

Looks like the Bling Bling Dynasty has begun! Yesterday, the Lakers beat the 76ers, 108-96, in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. They won the series, 4-1, and as a result their second straight NBA championship. Coolness! Me and 3 of my friends were at STAPLES Center to watch the game, along with 18,000+ other people (although we arrived late during the 1st quarter because of stinkin' traffic on streets near my house leading up to the freeway). In one of the arena's luxury suites, we saw Big Boy, Fuzzy and some other DJ's from the radio station Power 106 FM. They were not hard to miss: nearly half of Power's disc jockeys are, like, obese--and I could recognize Big Boy's bald head and flab from the many local billboards promoting his station.

After the game, we stayed behind to take part in the celebration outside STAPLES. Even though the celebration wasn't as rowdy as last year's riots, this one was a little more tense since there were cops on cycles, horseback, in patrol cars and on foot to make sure no one tried to act stupid. I got shoved once by a police officer walking behind me as his squad was trying to move hundreds of fans down the street. That shove sure beats getting hit in the back by a what happened to a newspaper photographer when he was too slow listening to the cops' order to continue walking (I saw this on a TV news broadcast when I got home). Ouch.

All-in-all, yesterday was fun though. On Monday, me and my yearbook friends are planning to go to the parade in downtown L.A. Unlike last year, I have to remember to bring water bottles and sunscreen since we're planning to go to STAPLES early...and it's gonna be HOT AS HELL (so I didn't censor it - big deal) by the time the bus carrying the Back 2 Back NBA champions arrive outside the arena. Go Lakers!!