Monday, March 25, 2019

Another Reason Why Mitch McConnell Needs to be Voted Out in 2020...

So I just found out a few minutes ago that Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is blocking the Democrats' attempt to release the full Mueller Report to the public. This is despite the fact that the report apparently cleared Donald Trump of any wrongdoing in regards to Russian collusion and obstruction of justice, but didn't fully exonerate the president of these charges. Hmm— Does that mean that Trump-picked attorney general William Barr was talking out of his ass when he released his preliminary findings yesterday? If Trump is innocent, then release the evidence to the American people to prove it. Of course, this won't happen...because the Republicans are LYING!

Just like what I posted about Republican senator Lindsey Graham in this recent Blog entry, Mitch McConnell is a turd who needs to be removed from office in order for the GOP to become a decent political party again. As mentioned in that entry about Graham, Jeopardy TV host Alex Trebek is unfairly dealing with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, but McConnell—that turtle-faced bitch from Kentucky—continues to live on and put party over country. There's nothing more to say unless you want me to lace this diatribe with harsher language, so I'll end it here. But let me reiterate: Mitch McConnell is a treacherous, turtle-faced bitch who needs to be voted out by intelligent Kentuckians in 2020 if the Republican Party is to gain any semblance of honor again. That is all.


Mitch McConnell is as wretched and treacherous as his chin is big.

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