Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Better Luck in 10 Years!

My high school alma mater...which didn't look like this back in 1998.

So my 20-year high school reunion takes place a little over a month from now...on October 6. Unfortunately, I most likely won't go since my close high school friends, two of whom I went to my 10-year reunion with in October of 2008, won't attend this time around. The reason for this is because the 20-year reunion will be held on a boat that sails out of Newport Beach in Orange County, California. I myself don't mind being on the boat (even if it's gonna be for at least 2 hours), but I don't want to be on a boat with a bunch of former classmates who I didn't really talk to on campus 20 years ago! Oh well. I'm hoping that the 30-year reunion will take place on land—at a restaurant, preferably (the 2008 gathering took place at Villa Sorriso restaurant in Pasadena, CA). Or someplace cooler, like Spire 73 atop the Wilshire Grand Center! Then again, one of my close high school friends might also be afraid of heights. Soooo Pasadena restaurant, it is! If I was the one organizing the 2028 reunion... Carry on.

A snapshot of the rooftop bar and lounge Spire 73 on the 73rd floor of the Wilshire Grand Center...on July 26, 2017.

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