Monday, August 01, 2016

So I Just Came Up With The Weirdest Word (In My Sleep)...

"Oboe biking?" What the heck is that? Even though I said this during a dream I had last night, I'm mad at myself for saying that to my celebrity crush—who appeared in the dream. For most of the fantasy, I was standing next to this girl while she was mingling with other people. It was towards the end of the dream where she finally turned to me to ask a question, and I replied with that odd phrase mentioned at the start of this entry. She corrected me with the actual wording (I forgot what it was) before telling me to walk away. Ouch. That was a crappy first impression that I left during my REM sleep. Anyways, in case you're wondering who my celebrity crush is, I typed about her in this entry...or just click on the first keyword listed below. 'Kay, that's enough cryptic talk for this morning. Happy August!

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