Monday, October 26, 2015

DARN IT— I Should've Removed My Sunglasses!

So earlier today, I was working at a TV studio in Studio City when I finally ran into a cute actress who I've had a crush on for almost three years. Won't mention her name (though you'd probably figure out who she was if you browsed through my journal entries for June and July of this year), but I will point out that every time I work at this particular lot, I pass by the soundstage her show tapes in just to see if she's loitering nearby. Of course, I probably wouldn't say 'hi' to her—as I either run the risk of her shrugging me off (as the saying goes: You should never meet your idol), and her alerting me to security—just because. I do background acting work; it's definitely a 'no-no' to approach principal actors unless they approach you first. However, methinks that this only applies to the specific show I'm working in that day. I haven't worked on the show this actress is on since November of 2012, so it might not have been as risky just to give her a quick 'hello' (and to tell her that I'm a big fan of her sitcom—hint, hint) before walking away. Didn't want to bug her as she was too busy browsing on her smartphone...which is what she was doing while sitting outside of her soundstage during a quick break this afternoon.

Even though approaching this actress to say hi was out of the question, I should've at least removed my sunglasses so we could make direct eye contact. The upside of this: She would've remembered me for a couple of more (milli)seconds as I walked away to head back to my car (this encounter took place right after I finished my job assignment inside another stage). The downside: The fact that she knows how I looked like might compel me not to stroll past her soundstage as much anymore. If I did run into her again, she'd recognize me, wonder why I keep passing by her area, and of course, probably alert security. I'm really not making myself look good in this story. But yea— I wish this actress could get a stint on a comic book TV series like Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (which is on ABC, the same channel that her sitcom is on...hint, hint), CW's The Flash, FOX's Gotham or CBS' Supergirl (which premieres tonight) just so she could do an autograph signing or photo op at an expo like Stan Lee's Comikaze...which I'm attending on Halloween (next Saturday)!

Anyways, that's all I have to say about today's quick but memorable moment. And in case you're still wondering who I'm talking about, just click on the keyword at the very bottom of this entry. I saw her in person two previous times this year. Carry on.

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