Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I Agree With This Meme...

I stumbled upon this meme on Facebook three days ago and it's been lingering on my computer desktop since then. Not anymore. Saddam Hussein must be laughing in his grave right now... "Mission Accomplished?" I wonder if George Dubya wanted to smack himself upside the head for making that premature declaration about the Iraq War aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln back in 2003. In all fairness though, President Obama said that ISIS was "contained" prior to the Paris attacks last Friday. If not for his naïveté, our military forces wouldn't have been fully withdrawn from Iraq four years ago...prompting militants to call open season on taking over the beleaguered country and causing the Islamic State to eventually rise. The gist of this entry: Our recent presidents seemed to underestimate the enemy—and overstate America's military effectiveness when it comes to waging a conflict in the Middle East. And in the case of Bush, starting a war to make up for your dad's previous failure (George H.W. Bush was unwilling to have U.S. military forces enter Baghdad and oust Hussein in 1991's Operation Desert Storm) is not good foreign policy. Carry on.

The Islamic State is the result of George Dubya and Dick Cheney's mistake in waging another war in Iraq twelve years ago.

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