Sunday, May 31, 2015

Random Sentimental Post: Farewell, Kirby of '93... Hello, Kirby of 2015!

The Kirby vacuum cleaner that I've had since September of 1993... I think.

So yesterday evening, a salesman randomly stopped by my house to promote a new Kirby vacuum cleaner that was capable of shampooing carpets as well as sucking dirt from them. (Facetiously starting this post off by stating the obvious...) After a couple of demonstrations, the salesman succeeded in selling the product to my family for a price of about $1,500 (he gets to take his wife and kid to Hawaii if he sells one more vacuum cleaner soon). The new vacuum cleaner is shown in the pic at the very bottom of this entry, while the one that my family had for more than 20 years is displayed in the photo above.

So why the heck am I blogging about vacuum cleaners, you ask? Well, from what I can remember, the old Kirby that we had was purchased in September of 1993. [The salesman was gonna take this cleaner back to his office (for training purposes) after selling us the new one.] I recall that it was on a Saturday evening in late '93 when yet another salesman stopped by our house uninvited (of course) to promote what would turn out to be a very reliable device. The reason why I have a good memory of this (for the most part) was that later in the day, I went to my junior high school to attend some event (I forgot what it was... I was in 8th grade at the time) where I ran into Jackie—the girl who I had a crush on when I was in 6th grade (and she was an 8th grader)—and we hugged. This is where this entry gets dicey; I felt that the first time I hugged a girl was with Jackie during this event. However, I recall hugging a couple of cute girls when I attended my 7th/8th Grade Dance earlier that year (I was in 7th grade and also remember embracing some cute 8th grade chicks when the dance ended, hah). So perhaps that September moment was special because this was the very first time I hugged Jackie herself...or the vacuum cleaner was purchased much earlier in '93 (or maybe it was September of '92... I doubt it) when I hugged Jackie weeks before I got touchy-feely with the other girls in my middle school (I probably should've worded that differently). This sure is getting convoluted.

The point of this Blog entry is that even the most mundane objects and moments can be special because they remind us of people who we once cared about (not to get all sentimenta— Oh wait, that's mentioned in the title at the top of this post). Just like how walking down some random hiking trail will remind me of the times I went hiking with Nancy, or eating at the In-N-Out near my house will remind me of the night that I ate at said In-N-Out after coming home from the show where I met Milana for the very first time last month (I didn't mention the burger joint in that entry), a contraption used for house cleaning will bring to me fond memories of an old crush I had in my childhood. I think Jackie is married now, but that's beside the point. Now if you excuse me, I have to vacuum the house. No wait— It's Sunday. I'll vacuum the house next week.

The Kirby vacuum cleaner that my family bought on May 30, 2015.

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