Thursday, December 25, 2014

STAR WARS - X-WING: A General in Red Squadron... :)

The five yellow pins on the shoulder pad of this uniform denotes the status of 'General' (which I recently attained) in the STAR WARS: X-WING video game.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!! Just thought I'd mark the birth of Jeebus by posting this image above to celebrate the fact that I am now a General in the classic Star Wars: X-Wing video game. Even though I completed all of the missions a month ago, and finished as a Lieutenant, I found a way to earn additional points to increase my rank (instead of creating a new pilot account and starting the game from scratch all over again)...not only as a General, but also advancing my skill level to that of Top Ace. I'd fully tell you how I did it—but that would most likely make this Blog entry two paragraphs longer than it needs to be. All I can say is, Tour of Duty (TOD) 1, Mission 1 is the easiest way to accumulate points and get the rank that a player wasn't able to achieve when they completed the video game the first time around. This particular mission consists of destroying unarmed Imperial freighters (TIE Fighters don't show up on scene till all of the freighters are destroyed)...and you just need to play this level over and over; using a temporary profile with which you direct these non-threatening targets to your flight leader, Red One (the pilot account that you want to promote to a higher ranking should be assigned to this role), and watch as he uses his proton torpedoes to destroy the freighters and earn TOD points. (NOTE: Red One will only destroy three out of the five freighters in this sortie before he jumps into hyperspace—which is why you should immediately enter hyperspace as well and re-do the mission. The points that Red One earns on each repeat will be saved...thus increasing his overall TOD score.)

You'll see this cut-scene countless of times if you repeatedly play Tour of Duty 1, Mission 1 to increase your rank in the STAR WARS: X-WING video game.

You need to earn at least 550,000 TOD points to become a General (this rank is denoted by the five yellow pins visible on the uniform's shoulder pad in the pic at the top of this entry) and 65,535 points to attain Top Ace status. I initially finished the game at 77,004 TOD points and about 21,000 points with an Officer status. So basically, I devoted a lot of time towards playing TOD 1, Mission 1 repeatedly to get the highest promotion attainable on X-Wing. That's Star Wars devotion for ya... Happy Holidays, folks!

Watch as Red One attacks Imperial freighters that you direct him to destroy during Tour of Duty 1, Mission 1 in the STAR WARS: X-WING video game.

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