Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tumultuous Times Update... (And what a difference taking the right medicine makes) Just thought I'd give the 411 on my recovery from a fungal infection (known as Coccidioidomycosis) that I got in late January. For the most part, all of the pustules on my face are gone—though there are scars left behind after their removal (the doctor I spoke to at UCLA last month was sort of right when he said they would fall just took some help from me to remove them). Thanks to the antibiotic Fluconazole, which I've been taking for more than a month now, the Coccidioidomycosis has for the most part been contained. However (and this might be bit of a TMI), there are still spots on my arms, upper body and legs that are taking a while to go away. But I'm just glad I'm able to go out again since I don't have crap growing on my lips and above my left eye. (TMI again.)

A new problem I'm facing now is that my joints are hurting...thanks to almost four months of inactivity due to staying at home and dealing with the fungal infection. I have elbow, knee, ankle and feet issues. The knee, ankle and feet issues are manageable [I can use the treadmill and/or go on regular walks (usually at the local mall, haha)]; it's my elbows that are bothering me. Admittedly, the elbow pain is somewhat due to me spending considerable time at the computer (typing these awesome blogs for y'all to read) since there was nothing else to do other than watching TV and listening to my MP3 player when I was stuck at home. Having bad ergonomics at your computer desk will do that to ya. So right now, I'm unable to do push-ups or any other upper-body workout—which would explain why I haven't gained mass despite eating a lot more over the last four months. I lost around 25 pounds by early April. I've gained back 5 pounds since then. Lousy fast metabolism.

Anyways, just thought I'd do something crazy and actually post a pic of me back when the Coccidioidomycosis was at its worst. (It's the March 2012 photo if you wanna insult me by not telling the difference between snapshots.) If you think this image is fake and that I have special FX make-up on, then I'm flattered. I can't think of anyone else I know personally who got screwed over by karma so royally that other people wouldn't believe how physically afflicted they could become (if you overlook getting an STD or the "C" word— It rhymes with 'answer'). Seriously though, this photo is authentic...which is why I included before-and-after pics to negate how s***ty I look in it. For those of you wondering how you can prevent getting Coccidioidomycosis, I have two pieces of advice for you: Be wary of dusty areas (especially if you live in the southwestern U.S. like I do), and don't have a crappy immune system. That is all.

No wait— I have one more piece of advice to give you: Don't be African, a Native American or a Filipino (which I am)...people of these ethnic descents are prone to getting the most severe cases of Coccidioidomycosis. NOW you freakin' tell me.

Recovering from Coccidioidomycosis... Thank you, Fluconazole.

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