Monday, May 21, 2001

Unless Wednesday and Friday kill the good feeling, today was a good day!

I ran into Denise on campus today, and the encounter was WAYYY better than the one on March 26 (yep, I remember that meeting, heheh). We had a longer conversation, and I studied with her outside the main library for a couple of hours. Interestingly, I wouldn't have run into her hadn't I realized the Biology final that I thought I had today was actually on Wednesday. D'OH!! I may have wasted gas, but it was sure worth it if it meant getting over that disappointing encounter I had with her two months ago. Unless I run into her again by the end of this week and the moment's ruined, WHAT A COOL WAY to end the school year, huh? Now the MILLION DOLLAR question is 'Am I going to start e-mailing her again?'

Do you wanna know another reason why today is a great day? Lakers defeated the San Antonio Spurs, 88-81, in the NBA Western Conference Finals. Los Angeles is now 2-0 in the series, baby!! By next week, Shaq, Kobe and Gang are goin' back to the NBA FINALS!!! Go for the SWEEP, dawgs!!!

MAN, today was a great day. Now it's time to study for my finals. Hahahahaha...