Friday, December 08, 2000

At least they didn't lose by 33 points this time. Tonight I went to another Laker game (with one of my brothers), and they lost to the Seattle Supersonics...103-95. They almost rallied in the fourth quarter when they were just down by two points at 92-90, but rookie Mike Penberthy missed an easy layup and the Sonics pulled away from them for good afterwards. It's all gravy... I don't mind the Lakers losing again. Just kidding. Their record right now is 14-7...and I have no idea what the Utah Jazz's record is, but the Lakers can't afford to let their nemesis pull away in the home court advantage race. But it's still early in the season, so no need to worry. Yet.

On the plus side... after the game, me and my brother went to the part of STAPLES Center where the parking garage for the players is located. We saw Greg Foster, Mark Madsen, Mike Penberthy, Kobe, Shaq, Horace Grant, Robert Horry and the bus carrying the Sonics players drive off. Horry, Penberthy, and Kobe were the only ones whose names I called out (and Bryant and Madsen were cool enough to wave to the sidewalk spectators watching them depart from the arena). I didn't call out Shaq's name because he missed I think ALL of his free throws tonight. Jeez. And it just me but nearly most of the players either drive a nice Mercedes or a fancy SUV?! That's what fame and fortune will get you...

That and the ability to make fadeaway jumpers, windmill dunks, and clutch 3-pointers.