Thursday, October 11, 2018

Meeting the 'Unbreakable' Erin Hannon...

Ellie Kemper and Paul Lieberstein take a group photo with everyone who showed up at The Grove's Barnes & Noble bookstore in Los Angeles to attend a Q&A and signing of Kemper's new publication MY SQUIRREL DAYS...on October 10, 2018.

Last night, I went to The Grove near Beverly Hills to attend a Q&A and book signing by Ellie Kemper...who starred in the former Netflix web series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and played receptionist Erin Hannon on NBC's The Office. Kemper was promoting her new book My Squirrel Days, and discussed it with Paul Lieberstein—who portrayed Toby Flenderson on The Office, and was also the TV comedy's director and showrunner. Kemper and Lieberstein talked about many things, ranging from The Office (her role as Erin was Kemper's first big break on television) and the title of her new publication (Ellie likes the name 'Squirrel,' and jokingly remarked that people tend to compare her to Jerry Seinfeld), to whether or not she'll play more dramatic roles on TV and elsewhere (Kemper thought about it, even though she said that the abrupt change in acting choices could be 'jarring' to people). Ellie also said that she began recording dialogue for her character (Katie) on The Secret Life of Pets 2...which arrives in movie theaters nationwide next June. Well actually, Kemper only mentioned that to me—while she was signing my book when it was my turn to walk up to her table and say hi, heheh.

Ellie Kemper and Paul Lieberstein discuss Kemper's new book MY SQUIRREL DAYS at The Grove's Barnes & Noble bookstore in Los Angeles...on October 10, 2018.

While it was cool meeting Ellie Kemper, who's so delightful and funny in person, I gained crucial info from a fellow patron at yesterday's Q&A who told me about a very big appearance that will be made at the Barnes & Noble bookstore (where Kemper did her signing) on October 23. I am definitely not telling you about it yet since I absolutely do not want to jinx the opportunity to finally get a photo with this person! I went to so many events to do so more than 10 years ago, and came away empty-handed each time. So yea— I'm keeping mum and quietly plotting out the details of when I'm going to drive to The Grove (it will definitely be on the evening of October 22) and what I'll need to bring with me from my house (as I'll possibly wait in line overnight because of the huge amount of folks who'll be showing up early). But yea— I don't want to tell you who I'm talking about yet, heheh. Happy Thursday!

Posing with Ellie Kemper at The Grove's Barnes & Noble bookstore in Los Angeles...on October 10, 2018.

My autographed copy of Ellie Kemper's book MY SQUIRREL DAYS.

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