Friday, June 15, 2018

Photo of the Day: Make This Lakers Super Team Happen!

Paul George, Kawhi Leonard AND LeBron James playing on the Los Angeles Lakers?? Make it happen!!

A few hours ago, I found out that 2-time NBA All-Star Kawhi Leonard wants to be traded from the San Antonio Spurs...the team he's been with for about seven seasons (and won an NBA championship with in 2014). Leonard, a Los Angeles native, prefers to play for a team in his home town—which either means going to the Lakers or the Clippers, preferably the Lakers. Combine this report with the other one about LeBron James thinking about joining the Lake Show after leading the Cleveland Cavaliers back to the NBA Finals two weeks ago (only to fall to the Golden State Warriors for the third time in four years, one week ago today), and you have a doozy. Combine these reports with the one about Paul George wanting to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder to play in the City of Angels as well, and you have a major doozy.

LeBron James, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard all playing on the Lakers?! Make it happen! Don't toy with my emotions like that, basketball gods (and Jeanie Buss)! Carry on.

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