Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Help Bring Back OTHER SPACE!

The hilarious cast of the sci-fi comedy web series, OTHER SPACE.

So yesterday, I found out online that the hilarious 2015 sci-fi web series created by Paul Feig (who directed such comedy flicks as Bridesmaid, Spy and last year's Ghostbusters reboot) is now available to download for free on a Tumblr webpage. The episodes aren't geoblocked...meaning that they can be viewed from anywhere in the world! And the reason why Other Space is available to watch for free anywhere in the world is because Feig wants the support needed to film Season 2 of the funny web series!

All I can say is, I hope Season 2 of Other Space gets made. Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, with a mysterious alien lifeform boarding the UMP Cruiser [commanded by Stewart Lipinski (Karan Soni)] after its own vessel was obliterated by another unknown extraterrestrial ship. Along with this subplot, there were other story threads that remained unresolved...such as what will become of the romance between oddball Kent Woolworth (Neil Casey) and his virtual love/onboard ship computer Natasha (Conor Leslie), the other would-be relationship between Stewart's sister Karen (Bess Rous) and carefree doofus Michael Newman (Eugene Cordero), and of course, the currently-unrequited romance between Stewart and his ditzy but tough-as-nails navigator, Tina Shukshin (Milana Vayntrub).

I hope Season 2 gets made even if Other Space won't get a third season. Have the tale of the UMP Cruiser live on for at least 8 more episodes before her crew sails on into oblivion in the cold vacuum of space—even if that means that Stewart and company will never leave that alternate universe and make it back to Earth. On the plus side though, most of Other Space's amazing cast is doing just fine without donning their white UMP jumpsuits once more. Karan Soni is set to play Dopinder again on Deadpool 2, Milana Vayntrub is making a great impression as Sloane the playwright on NBC's This Is Us, and Eugene Cordero will appear alongside Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackon, John Goodman and Brie Larson in next month's Kong: Skull Island. And Bess Rous and Neil Casey appeared in Feig's Ghostbusters with Karan, Milana and Eugene less than a year ago...even though they didn't share screen time together.

Even if Season 2 doesn't get made (Nooo!), it was cool to reminisce about Other Space one last time. I wish this won't be the last time, but hey, that's why I need y'all to click on this Tumblr link to binge-watch this show! Let the web series that's a cross between Star Trek and The Office live on for a bit longer... Per favore. Happy First Day of February!

And watch Other Space now!

My OTHER SPACE artwork as seen with my trusty Android smartphone.

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