Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Darkwing Duck.

DARKWING DUCK... Just when you thought I couldn’t get more bored/sentimental/lame/dorky after reminiscing last year about watching that animated TV show Exosquad back in, um, high school, I go back another 4 years to 1991...when I was in 6th grade and used to watch Disney cartoons that aired on channel 9 here in Los Angeles. Duck Tales, TaleSpin, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers... These were some pretty memorable animated programs that aired during my childhood (though Rescue Rangers had some pretty lame moments...most of them related to that character Monterey Jack. A mouse beating up humans? As if!). But the one Disney cartoon that I liked the most was the Batman-themed show, Darkwing Duck.

Darkwing Duck's villainous doppelgänger: NegaDuck.

Appearing and disappearing in a cloud of smoke, having a speargun just like the Dark Knight and basing his secret headquarters inside a tower atop a suspension bridge outside the city of St. Canard... Darkwing Duck (a.k.a. "DW") was cool. My favorite villain on the show was NegaDuck. He was a total much so that I would often sketch this character if I was bored in class during 6th grade. There were other cool villains in the cartoon as Megavolt, Taurus Bulba and Dr. Bushroot...but NegaDuck was the best.

NegaDuck and his evil posse: the Fearsome Five.

I’d write more about "the terror that flaps in the night" (one of many memorable quotes by DW...along with the trademark "Let’s get dangerous!"), but I’m pretty sure most of you were shaking your heads the whole time you were reading this entry. So here’s the cool intro to this show, courtesy of (surprise, surprise) YouTube:

PS: Be prepared for a future Blog on the greatness that is Animaniacs.

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