Tuesday, March 27, 2007


GEARS OF WAR... On Sunday, I played this game on one of my friends’ Xbox 360, and it kicked ass!! Totally addictive (it took my mind off the fact that I was this close to getting Kobe Bryant’s autograph at the Fiesta Lakers event in Los Angeles earlier that day... More on this in a future blog). So not only was the commercial for the game that was aired on TV last Fall memorable, because of the fact it used Gary Jule’s "Mad World" song as the background music, but the game itself had to be so darn entertaining that I’m now thinking of buying an Xbox myself. Just kidding... I’d rather use my money on buying movie DVD’s and going to strip clu—Nevermind.

Delta Squad takes on the Locust Horde in GEARS OF WAR.

But seriously though, Gears of War rules. I’m glad New Line Cinema is planning to adapt it into a film. Rock on!

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