Monday, November 13, 2006

Spider-Man wearing the black alien symbiote over his suit.

SPIDER-MAN 3 Trailer... Check out the newest preview to the third Spidey flick on, and in front of the next Bond flick Casino Royale...which comes out this Friday. Hopefully, a downloadable version of the trailer will be made available online once Royale is released. By the way, there's no sign of Venom in this preview (except Topher Grace playing Eddie Brock...Venom's human alterego). Sam Raimi is trying to keep the character under wraps, eh? Hopefully, Venom will look awesome when we finally see him on the big screen next May. That is all.

PIC 1: Mary Jane Watson.  PIC 2: Harry Osborn in the new Goblin outfit.  PIC 3: Sandman.
PIC 4: Spidey in his regular outfit.  PIC 5: Harry Osborn confronts Peter Parker over the death of Osborn's father, the Green Goblin.  PIC 6: Sandman getting owned by Spidey inside a subway tunnel.

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