Sunday, January 25, 2004

So how 'bout them, Lakers? With Kobe Bryant (and Rick Fox) back from injuries, the Lakers defeated the Utah Jazz, 93-86, at Salt Lake City yesterday. Kobe had 21 points while Slava Medvedenko led the team with 26 points. Gary Payton had 18 with a 3-pointer that sealed the game late in the fourth quarter. I have no idea what the heck happened to Shaq... He said he hurt his ankle but I wouldn't be surprised if he was sitting out because of a freakin' papercut. Anyways, I just gave you a sports update to ease you into the fact that it's geektime again: Congratulations to the Mars Rover Team for the successful landing of the second rover, Opportunity. Hahaha!

Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity
Photo courtesy of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

UPDATE: By the way, I've updated Gallery 2 with two new pics. It's of me posing with beautiful models Diane Le and Cherie Roberts. Next up on the import gals I want to meet next: Jasmine Mai and Cora Linn.