Tuesday, October 16, 2001

I had another workshop for my film class today, and guess who I ran into at the computer lab at the main campus library? Yup...Denise. It was kinda funny though. The minute I saw her, I knew it was her--and I immediately walked up to her--which supports the fact that the Denise wannabe I saw a couple of weeks ago at the bench next to West Campus Drive wasn't her at all. As my motto goes, I'll recognize a person when I see 'im, or 'er. What was even funnier was that I approached Denise AT ALL...considering there's some bad blood between us--what with her not returning my phone call last July and me talking trash about her on Blogspot and all. Oh well. She hid her disdain, and I hid mine. Of course, if I really DID have disdain, why would I approach her? Anyways, I also ran into the girl I talked to a lot in my Geology lecture class. Kinda funny how I'd run into two girls who were in the same course (Geology lab and lecture) I was taking during the Fall semester last year. Anyways, that's it for now. Maybe I'll run into Denise again in the workshop next Tuesday too. God forbid...just kidding.