Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Arg!! Was that or was that not Denise? When I was walking to my class today I saw a girl who looked just like her sitting on a West Campus Drive street bench waiting for someone to pick her up. I could've sworn that was Denise, and circled around, like, 2 times just to confirm if it was her. She looked like her, but I couldn't really be sure of it--since I pretty much couldn't just stop in front of her and stare to see if it was Denise (although I'm pretty sure that girl noticed I was checking her out). If she was talking on her cell phone, then I could tell if it was Denise or not cuz I could recognize her by her smile. Obviously she didn't smile this time (if it was Denise), considering the fact there was no reason to since we stopped e-mailing each other 2 months ago--and she probably read the things I said about her in this journal after she didn't return my call that one July night. Another reason why I'm skeptical that that girl was Denise is because Denise drives. Why would she be waiting for someone to pick her up? Unless her silver Honda Civic was in the shop or something. Oh well. If it was Denise, then I guess I don't have to worry about running into her on campus anymore since it already happened today--and she reacted to seeing me the exact way I expected her to react...kinda reminiscent of running into her that one day last March. Anyways, there's nothing else I could say about this. I could already feel my memory distorting today's encounter to convince me that that girl was indeed Denise. All right then, that's it for now.

By the way, Michael Jordan is back in the NBA.

Was that Denise?