Monday, January 29, 2001

Yesterday, I came back from Utah after attending the Sundance Film Festival. It was pretty interesting...besides watching my sister's film The Flip Side, I also watched a New Zealand short film called Moko as well as a Japanese gangster film called Brother (which had Omar Epps and Tatyana Ali in it). Brother was actually pretty funny in a gross / sadistic kind of way...considering just how tongue-in-cheek the filmmakers depicted guys getting shot in the head, their fingers being sliced off and other neat / disturbing stuff.

The one bad thing about Utah is that it's not the place to be when you're sick...especially during the winter. Considering the fact I arrived in Salt Lake City with a headache, walking in 40-degree weather during the day and 20-degree weather at night is not really a prudent thing to do. As of this typing, I'm still coughing, darn it!

Anyways, as for the celebrities that attended Sundance, I saw actor Forrest Whittaker...who was at the hotel where my sister's film was being shown. In case you people don't know who Forrest Whittaker is, he was in Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai and, um, Battlefield Earth. Not exactly the same as running into Sean Connery or Al Pacino...but it'll do.