Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Dang, I haven't updated my Blog in a LONG TIME!!! Anyways, this winter break has been interesting... Yesterday, I went to a Laker game at STAPLES Center with one of my friends. L.A. beat the Vancouver Grizzlies, 113-112, even though the Lake Show really didn't deserve the win because Shaq didn't get a basket off before the buzzer sounded to end overtime. Oh well... My team won, so I ain't complaining.

Also, I watched the Kevin Costner film Thirteen Days twice in the past two weeks. It's pretty good...but the million dollar question is how many things in the movie are accurate in terms of depicting the Cuban Missile Crisis. Anyways...

It's pretty inevitable that it will probably come to an end during the next semester, but I still keep in contact with what's-her-name through e-mails. She apparently checks her e-mail on Mondays, so I don't send my e-mail till the Sunday night before...the reason being so I'll only have a sleep's worth of worrying to do in terms of wondering if she'll reply to my next one.