Saturday, August 12, 2017

Photos of the Day: Just Another (Despicable) Day in Trump's America...

As Neo-Nazi scumbags march behind him, an African-American police officer does his duty providing protection for this filth that it doesn't deserve.

In response to today's horrific events in Charlottesville, Virginia, just thought I'd share these pics that both exemplify the divisiveness and hate that Donald Trump inflicted upon the United States since his Russia-influenced election last year, and the American heroes who show that our nation's great democratic values are still alive. In the photo above (which was presumably taken at a previous Nazi rally last month), an African-American police officer silently does his job as a group of white supremacists who most likely want to wish him harm march in the background. This officer should receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom (though NOT BY THE CURRENT PRESIDENT) for duty in the face of such adversity. Expect this photo to be immortalized in future history books.

More Neo-Nazi scumbags march in Charlottesville, Virginia on the night of August 11, 2017 (Pacific Time).

In the image directly above is the group of filth that Donald Trump emboldened when he became America's illegitimate president. All I can say is, these Nazi scumbags need to be ostracized in every imaginable way possible. By this Monday, those here who have jobs should be without a job, and those here looking for employment should realize that no prospective employer wants to ever hire them after seeing this disgraceful pic on social media. And in the pic below is James Alex Fields Jr., the domestic terrorist who plowed into a crowd of anti-racist protesters (leaving one person dead) in Charlottesville earlier today. The Feds need to make an example out of this piece of crap Trump a warning to other white supremacists trying to create chaos (moreso, that is) in this country. Sadly, considering that racism has been institutionalized in the United States since the days of the Founding Fathers, this probably won't happen.

James Alex Fields Jr.: Domestic terrorist.

But look on the bright side... Whereas Donald Trump gave a half-ass response to today's tragedy without acknowledging that white supremacists (a.k.a. his voter base) were the culprits behind it, former President Barack Obama shows why—almost seven months after he departed from the White House—is a true leader of the United States of America. Carry on.

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