Sunday, April 30, 2017

Photos of the Day: Images from my iStock Portfolio...

A photo I took at Nassau in the Bahamas in August of 2008.

Just thought I'd end this month by sharing some pictures that I posted on recently. As of this Blog entry, I have around 400 photos in my online portfolio...which was created on April 18. For those of you who don't know what iStock is, it is one of several websites devoted to microstock photography—generic images that people can purchase online for (legal) personal or business use on the Internet and elsewhere. Folks, like me, who contribute pictures to these websites receive a certain percentage of the profit that is gained when someone buys photos from our portfolios.

A photo I took at Catalina Island in October of 2013.

I signed up with other sites like Shutterstock, but I am currently focusing on boosting the amount of pics I have on iStock (which is now a part of Getty Images) since it has a higher acceptance rate (at least for me). Based on its criteria to approving submitted pics, it seems like I would need to invest in a DSLR camera [the photos I'm currently submitting online were either taken with my Fujifilm and Sony Cybershot point-and-shoot cameras, and (other stock photographers will be disgusted if they read this) my Android smartphone] before I post images on Shutterstock...which has rejected my first two photo uploads as of this entry. I'm in the process of applying to other microstock sites like 123RF and Dreamstime, but I'm also focusing on getting 500 (great) pictures uploaded to my iStock portfolio as quickly as I can. I read online that a contributor needs at least 500 to 1,000 photos on their iStock page (and every other microstock site) to begin earning a decent income from this endeavor. Hopefully that will be the case soon.

A photo I took of a squirrel running down an escalator at Cal State Long Beach, my college alma mater, in January of 2015.

I don't have the funds right now to spare on a Nikkon D3300 (which is one of the cheaper DSLR cameras—at a cost of a little over $400 on some online sites) I'll have to make do with what I have now. Anyways, click on the link below to check out (and purchase hi-res photos from) my iStock portfolio! Carry on.

LINK: Richard Par's iStock Photo Portfolio

A photo I took during my flight to Tennessee to do my HALO April of 2013.

A photo I took of a kitten that I found hiding underneath the hood of my dad's pickup truck in May of 2012 (it was removed safely).

A photo I took of the Wilshire Grand Center and other skyscrapers in downtown Los March of 2017.

A photo I took of a duck milling about at a park in Fullerton, December of 2014.

A photo I took at Oxnard Beach Park in Ventura County, May of 2017.

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