Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Election 2016: I'm (Officially) With Her...

My absentee ballot for the 2016 U.S. presidential election has been mailed.

Just thought I'd mention that I finally mailed my absentee ballot for this year's American presidential election. Woohoo, it feels so good to vote! Despite the fact that the final presidential debate takes place in Las Vegas tomorrow, I don't need to spend another 90 minutes (which, like the first two debates, I'll do anyway) hearing Donald Trump spout lie after lie about his (still-secret) tax returns, his misogynistic behavior towards women and the supposed endorsement that he received from 200 admirals and generals in the U.S. military (they need to be court-martialed if this were true) to vote Democrat. And let's not forget his constant verbal fellating of Russian president Vladimir Putin and even Iran in regards to the war against the Islamic State. Go Hillary! Also, the image below shows my not-so-subtle response to Trump's assertion that the election will be rigged. Oh, it'll be rigged alright...but in the sense that rational American citizens and global opinion are doing everything they can to prevent this man from ever setting foot in the Oval Office, and not because of voter fraud.

I implore my fellow Californians to register to vote by October 24 by clicking on this website—and make sure that a sniffling, "Bigly"-spouting demagogue like Trump never makes it to the White House, let alone being allowed to walk along Pennsylvania Avenue ever again. Register to vote now!

This is for YOU, Trump... Rigged election, my ass.

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