Sunday, September 20, 2015

Photo / Moron of the Day...

Earlier today, I drove down to the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Long Beach (the one near my house closed down last year) when I stumbled upon this infuriating sight as I was about to park my car. No, this Honda Civic sedan isn't pulling into that spot nor backing out as I took this photo. The idiot who drove this vehicle actually had the audacity to park this way before they went off to infect whatever store they went into with their utter stupidity. And I thought I'd only see such pics taken by other folks on the Internet. Didn't think that I would take one of my own this weekend... Have a great day, everyone! Except the imbecile behind the steering wheel of the silver auto in this photo; I really do hope that someone either left a rude note on their windshield or keyed the side of that Civic after I headed home. Carry on.

I really DO hope that someone keyed the side of that silver Honda Civic at the center of this photo... Moron.

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