Friday, February 20, 2015

One Earth: New Horizons Message Update‏...

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Got this exciting e-mail in my inbox yesterday:

Dear Richard,

You are one of the people who have signed our petition to NASA requesting permission to create a message to be uploaded to the computer of NASA's Pluto-bound New Horizons mission. We are pleased to tell you that as a result of the enormous public interest this project has generated, we are concluding the final stages of the required paperwork and hope that NASA will announce our One Earth Message project soon.

Meanwhile, we have been hard at work creating the team and designing the website required to collect and curate the huge number of submissions you and others will send in. We have also been analyzing the many technical issues involved. We can say with confidence that our message will last 100,000 years and we may be able to extend the lifetime to a million years. Just think -- something you helped make happen will endure in the depths of the cosmos for a million years. You have already made a difference in the history of the galaxy!

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An artist's concept of NASA's New Horizons spacecraft approaching Pluto.

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