Thursday, December 11, 2014

Well THAT'S A Bummer...

Don't ask me how I found out, but I just discovered that Nancy may already be married. Despite the fact that her Facebook page still lists her as engaged, I saw elsewhere that Nancy is now beyond that. Or...her fiancé/husband/whatever jumped the gun and decided to refer to her as his wife on the site I went to even though their relationship status hasn't changed. Nonetheless, I have to assume that she is finally married unless I want to get myself in hot water and continue to talk to her. If Nancy did officially tie the knot, it annoys me that she would keep the news secret and not post an inkling of it on her Facebook page (heck, there is only one picture of Nancy with her fiancé/husband/whatever in her photos section)...and text me if I want to go hiking and whatnot. Nancy did go to Hawaii last month (for only 4 days); who would've thought that it may have potentially been for her honeymoon and not some random vacation? Just making an assumption here.

All I can say is, it definitely looks like this won't play out like The Office where Jim Halpert won Pam Beasley over after she was in an 8-year-long engagement with another co-worker. Sorry Jim—but in my scenario, Pam finally got hitched to Roy. That is all.

Pam Beasley hangs out at Jim Halpert's desk to chat with him in THE OFFICE.

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