Friday, September 19, 2014

Star Wars: Artwork of the Day...

Another drawing of a Sith Inquisitor...complete with 'gauntlet sabers.'

Because of the fact that this was a slow work week for me, I had the time to draw a couple of more illustrations inspired by online rumors and recent news pertaining to Star Wars: Episode VII. With the artwork above, there is no talk about a Sith Lord (or Inquisitor) welding lightsabers whose blades shoot out from hilts attached to the antagonist's gloves—but I drew this piece precisely because I wanted to illustrate these "gauntlet sabers" (which Lucasfilm may or may not have already invented and trademarked) primed for action. In the image directly below, I wanted to draw a black X-Wing that was recently spotted during filming at Greenham Common in the UK last week. Since it was obviously not known as to which character this X-Wing belongs to, I decided to go the villainous route and have this starfighter shoot green lasers a la TIE Fighters in the Original Trilogy and the Jedi Starfighters from Revenge of the Sith.

My own drawing of a black X-Wing from STAR WARS: EPISODE VII.

In the artwork below, I decided to draw my own renditions of the Episode VII Stormtroopers. The design of the helmets are based on the leaked photo from more than a month back...while I took liberties on the rest of the suit since its design hasn't been leaked or revealed yet. The two TIE Fighters flying above these trio of Imperial goons are called TIE Raiders. In case you've never heard of this craft before, it's because I made them up. They're a combination of TIE Bombers from The Empire Strikes Back and Interceptors from Return of the Jedi, all rolled up into one. And lastly, don't let those streak marks in the clouds fool you— The coloring done on these drawings (with Crayola markers) are much better in the original work than they look in this pic. I used a crappy computer scanner that tends to overexpose the images after they're done being scanned; I had to adjust the contrast through Adobe Photoshop afterwards. Carry on.

My own drawing of Stormtroopers (and TIE Raiders, which I made up) from STAR WARS: EPISODE VII.

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