Saturday, June 28, 2014

Random Pics from the OC...

The Cinemark Century Stadium 25 and XD theater in Orange County, CA.

Just thought I'd share these photos that I took when I recently drove down to Orange County during a day off from work. For those of you who aren't sports fans, Honda Center is the home of the Anaheim Ducks (the 2007 Stanley Cup champion), Angel Stadium of Anaheim is, of course, home to the Dodgers (and by that, I mean the L.A. Angels of Anaheim... Thanks, Arte Moreno), and the last photo is of a Metro bus station that is being constructed a few blocks down from Angel Stadium. The design of this station is pretty cool; you'd have to see it in person (after it opens) to appreciate the architecture. Oh, and the movie theater shown above is located a few blocks down from Honda Center. I usually go there to watch select blockbuster films such as Transformers. Speaking of which, I think I'll watch the newest installment, Age of Extinction, at this cinema sometime next week. Not in XD though... I'd rather just pay matinee price.

Honda Center...the home of the 2007 Stanley Cup champion, Anaheim Ducks.

Another shot of Honda Center...with the new Metro bus station and the Angel Stadium of Anaheim sign visible in the background.

The Cinemark Century Stadium 25 and XD theater as seen from a Honda Center parking lot.

Angel Stadium of Anaheim...the home of the 2002 World Series champion, L.A. Angels of Anaheim.

A new Metro bus station undergoing construction in Orange County...with Angel Stadium of Anaheim visible in the background.

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