Thursday, June 16, 2011

MORE BAD LUCK WITH MY CAR... So yesterday afternoon, I was just chillin’ at home when I stared out the living room window and saw a police car idling in the middle of the street outside my house. There were two cops present...and the one in the driver’s seat was watching as his partner exited the cruiser and walked over to my car—which was parked out on the curb as usual. Frowning, I watched as that officer stood near the front of my vehicle for a few seconds before he went back to the cruiser and the two pigs—err, officers—drove off. Moments later, I exited my house, walked over to my car, and found a parking citation for $55 on my ride’s windshield.

WHY did I get a parking citation, you ask? Well it turns out; my car was parked farther than the maximum 18 inches from the sidewalk. In fact, the right back wheel of my car was about 10 inches from the curb while the front right tire was 21 inches from the curb. Granted, I obviously parked crooked based on that detail I just gave you, but still— THIS IS BULLSH*T.

I’ve been living in the same area for more than 13 years (yes, I need to move someplace else), been parking in the same spot for almost 8 years, AND NOW I’m being penalized for the way I park? FRIGGIN' LAME. I live on a cul-de-sac, so how would parking far from the curb be hazardous to any traffic? Then again, this is the same spot where my car got rammed by my neighbor’s RV last month (and by a previous hit-and-runner a few years ago)... So basically, I clearly have bad luck with this particular spot on my street. But that’s beside the point.

The point of this Blog is that when and why has my hometown began this stupid parking enforcement? Is it because the city is low on cash or something? Or that it’s becoming like the City of Bell (in Southern California... If you live in Los Angeles County and read the L.A. Times newspaper, then you’d know what I’m talking about)...where the politicians are becoming corrupt and want to find new ways of scrounging money from the people. I’m still unemployed [before you call me a lazy-ass, I’ve recently began trying to make money off this Blog and my main website (thanks to Google Adsense)...both of which I’ve had for about 11 years now. Why have I started monetizing my webpage so many years after I created it, you ask? Because the economy sucks, of course], and with only a three-figure amount left in my bank account, I can’t afford to expend cash on this kind of unexpected nonsense.

So basically (one of many terms I like to overuse on this Blog), I might try to fight the citation... Though on a technical level, those damn cops were right in fining me. HOWEVER, in terms of principle, it’s moronic that the city would now impose this crappy new ordinance on people living in my area (Couldn't the city at least have given an advanced warning that they would begin regulating parking spots?)—especially considering the fact I live on a quiet cul-de-sac in the middle of the suburbs. So F**K YOU, West Covina...take those stupid parking citations and stick it up your politicians’ (and law enforcement officials) asses. Y'all have a s***ty day.

My Toyota Corolla.

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