Friday, January 07, 2005

AL JAZEERA: Let's blame clogged kitchen sinks and smelly cockroaches on America. Not really clogged kitchen sinks and smelly cockroaches, but natural disasters. Anyways, I was listening to the KROQ radio station (106.7 FM in the Los Angeles area) this morning, and during their news segment, DJs' Kevin and Bean mentioned how Al Jazeera, one of the main news outlets in the Middle East, was blaming the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean on the United States testing nuclear weapons in the area. What the hell? What a couple of douche bags!! Of course, anyone living in that region of the world will blame anything on America:

"Oh no, there's an anthill in the middle of my front yard. Blame the infidels! Death to America!"

"Oh no, my dog has fleas! Praise Allah! Death to America!"

"Great, I'm constipated. Allah is great! Death to America!"

"My wife is cheating on me with the local cleric. A Jihad is brewing! Death to America!"

OK— I'm pretty sure I pissed off a lot of you readers who live in that region, but c'mon now. It just shows you what great lengths people will go to in making other people look bad (the irony...considering what I've just typed, hahaha). Ignoramuses. Kevin and Bean also mentioned how some people—don't know if they’re talking about people living in the Middle East or those in Southeast Asia—thought that the earthquake and Earth's wobble (which resulted from the powerful tremor) was the work of aliens trying to stabilize the planet's rotation. Again... What the hell?? These people have never heard of earthquakes and tsunamis before? I'd say more, but if these remarks were indeed by those living in the devastated areas in Asia, then I'll just say "no comment." But if it was by someone living anywhere else in the world... Whoa. I pity our species. Haha.

EDIT: Click on the Al Jazeera link above to read all the "upbeat" things the news outlet has to say about America. Also, check out this ad below:

Al Jazeera ad.

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