Wednesday, December 13, 2000

My Geology 104 lab class ended on a great note...not because I aced the final exam (I won't know my score for that till probably next week), but because I did something that oughta make my memory of college even more fonder than that of high school. Remember that girl who I talked about in my November 8 entry? Well, I didn't take a picture with her, but I did do something that should make her keep me in her thoughts for at least today. So what exactly did I do today, you ask? Well, I gave her a Christmas card.

Now, I'm not going to tell you ALL the events that led to me to buying and giving the Christmas card to Denise (NOT her real name)...but let's just say her response to the card was genuine. She liked it. She asked me for my e-mail address, which I wrote in the card...and I got her e-mail address in return, which she already gave to me last week but it didn't hurt that she wrote it down on a piece of paper as well. =) I bought this card for the sole reason of me telling her it was nice talking to her during the semester. Little did I know that I would actually get to tell her that in person after we finished the exam. Denise actually finished the test before I did, but she was kind enough to ask me if I wanted her to wait for me (um, OF COURSE!) until I completed my test, making that compliment possible.

To make a long story short (YEA, RIGHT), I guessed on the last few questions in my exam so Denise wouldn't have to wait for me out in the hall any longer. We left the lecture hall, and had our usual conversation about school while on our way to our cars (Denise also asked me which were the best seats to buy tickets for when going to STAPLES Center for a Laker game). The moment of truth came right before we were about to depart from school.

The back of my mind was hoping Denise and I would hug after I handed her the card before the Geology exam... it turns out that hug became a reality right before we were about to part for our cars. Just that hug alone showed that my acquaintance with Denise was a lot different from that of other girls I talked to in college. Of course, it might be because the other girls had boyfriends...which Denise might have also, but she never told me. And the fact she did a lot of nice things for me during the semester (drive me to my car, wait for me to finish my final exam, etc.) indicates that she might not have a boyfriend right now...which can only make me say, YESSS!

Anyways, I shouldn't be too happy right now. I'm gonna wait a few days before I send my first e-mail to Denise...and I can't really say our friendship extends beyond the Fall 2000 semester before she replies to my message. Hopefully, she will.

UPDATE: With all these things I'm writing about her, there's pretty much NO WAY in hell I'm going to tell Denise the address to my website, even though I already told her I have a homepage.

Unless some divine intervention took place where we actually got together (okay, those last four words further reinforce why I'm keeping this page secret from her) and she wanted to read some nice things I wrote about her...she's gonna be the only one I know who I'm not gonna promote my site to.

Of course, if Denise finds my site some other way, then I'm screwed...BIG TIME.