Thursday, November 30, 2000

Wing Gundam

Pretty soon I will have a Wing Gundam page in my Gundam section (does that make sense?). Well, to make things clearer...Wing Gundam is the original mobile suit used by Heero Yuy before Yuy eventually piloted Wing Zero. Wing Gundam is Gundam 0-1, and Wing Zero is Gundam 0. Understand?

Probably not. Just watch the TV series to understand what this jibberish is all about.

(12-1-00) UPDATE: I've just uploaded the Wing Gundam section to my homepage. In case you're wondering why I have sections on just 4 Gundam suits so far (Deathscythe Hell, Epyon, Wing Gundam and Wing Zero), it's because I create a new section only when I buy a new Gundam model kit. So you can pretty much assume I currently have 4 types of Gundams collecting dust in my room. HAHA.