Thursday, December 01, 2016

Super Force...

A former astronaut-turned-futuristic vigilante fires lasers at hapless criminals in SUPER FORCE.

In a tradition that started six years ago today, here's another Blog entry devoted to a TV show that I enjoyed watching when I was a wee middle schooler. It was a futuristic cop series called Super Force...which aired on KTLA (Channel 5 here in Los Angeles) and lasted only two seasons, from 1990 to 1992. Super Force is about a former NASA astronaut (Zachary Stone, played by Ken Olandt) who—after returning from a trip to Mars—becomes a police officer when he finds out that his brother is (supposedly) murdered. This man enlists the help of a scientist (F.X. Spinner, portrayed by Larry B. Scott) who develops an advanced armored suit that Stone wears as he finds the people who he thought killed his sibling (who I recall revealed himself to still be alive in the Season One finale...and having his own Super Force suit to boot). Not only does Stone wear armor that can create its own force field and shoot lasers from a Boba Fett-type headpiece that lowers into place over his Master Chief-type helmet's visor, but he also drives a badass motorcycle while doing so.

It's too bad that Super Force didn't last long on television. I remember drawing the suit and motorcycle so many times during its first season (when I was in 5th grade). I've been browsing online, but unfortunately, this show isn't officially on DVD. I found one webpage that sells a DVD (which a couple of other fans apparently bought) with the series burned on it, but I don't know if I should dish out cash for this disc and hope that the video quality will actually be decent. The seller is currently selling it for $24 (with shipping included), so we'll see. I've squandered my money on worse things...

So to sum things up: Super Force is awesome! Don't be surprised to see an artwork that I drew of this cool Halo/Star Wars-y vigilante on this Blog in the near future. Happy First Day of December!

Ken Olandt played Zachary Stone, a former astronaut-turned-futuristic vigilante in SUPER FORCE.

A promo pic of SUPER FORCE and his awesome motorcycle.

The awesome HALO/STAR WARS-y helmet of SUPER FORCE.

The prototype armor initially worn by Zachary Stone on SUPER FORCE.

The final armor worn by Zachary Stone on SUPER FORCE.


  1. Every once an awhile I do a websearch for Superforce. I guess its when longer than I thought because I didn't see this year-old post of yours. I remember your original post from 6 years ago- I think I commented then but not sure now as I can't find your original post. I like the show because of all the reasons you stated above, but also because I worked on the show for two seasons. I didn't design or build the coolest items (suit and motorcycle), but I did make many other props used on the show episode to episode. The show was both fun and chaotic to work on, but mostly I have great memories. Today I still work the some of the same folks and we occasionally tell stories about that time. I own a couple of the SF helmets and a set of prototype toys from Galoob. I keep hoping that one day the suit will come up for auction! If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me at

  2. It's officially on DVD now.

    1. Yup, I know. I bought it on DVD through Amazon about a month ago!